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Welcome to Reception! 

In Reception class, we aim for all children to become independent learners and persevere with self-directed challenges. We encourage children's inquisitive minds and ensure opportunities are provided for trial and error through exploratory play. We hope for every child to be a confident learner who enjoys learning new things.
Book Area
There are four members of staff in Reception - Miss Watts (Class Teacher); Mrs Lambert; Mrs Enright and Mrs Hunter (Teaching Assistants). The children are supported by all adults within the classroom.
The classroom is split into different areas of learning with a variety of resources in each to help give children different learning experiences. They can use these experiences to help build on existing and new concepts to extend their knowledge and understanding, with effective scaffolding from the staff.
Child-initiated and adult-led learning is balanced within the class timetable, giving the children opportunities to choose their own learning and challenge themselves. Observations of the children are undertaken by the staff and used to provide stimulating challenges and activities in the classroom, using both the inside and outside learning environments. 
Investigation areaPhonics
We strongly believe that parents have an invaluable contribution towards their own child's learning, and work cooperatively to create good links between home and school. Each week we send home information of what the children have been doing at school  in their home/school books, with some activities to complete at home with their parents to consolidate their learning. These books are shared with the class each week so the children have a chance to show their fantastic work outside of school.
We are very approachable staff, so please do not hesitate to come and ask us any questions you may have!
Learning Journals
Each child will be given their own logins at Parent's Evening in October 2018. From this date, if you wish to access the online learning journals please click here. Then you need to use the login details you have been provided with. Please speak to a member of staff to request your login details again.

 What do I need to remember to bring in on what days?


PE day - Please ensure your child has their PE kits.


Remember to put your reading books into your book bag, ensuring there has been a comment left in your reading journal.


Reading books are collected in today - including reading journals.


Remember to put your homework books in your bag tonight.

Wednesday Homework books are collected in today.

New reading books will be sent home.

Friday Homework books will be sent home with new homework if it has been set this week.







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