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Year Six

Ms Woodcock (Class Teacher) 
Mrs Adams (Teaching Assistant) 

Home Learning Activities 

These Home Learning Activities aim to enable our Year 6 to continue with their learning while there is a period of school closure. All activities are optional but are designed to provide structure and focus for each day. Activities are based on the National Curriculum expectations for Year 6. A new Home Learning Activities letter will be uploaded to these Year 6 page each Friday. Please do not worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. All children find elements of learning challenging at times. Please email Ms Woodcock with any questions or if support is needed.

Letter from Ms Woodcock

Please see below for next weeks home Learning Activities to complete with your child. Click on the picture to open the document. 

Weekly work 14.07.20


Reading comprehension 


Transition activities

What's the difference between primary and secondary school?

Subjects and timetables

Staring a new school.

Growing up in secondary school

What's to fear about secondary school?

Starting secondary school





Weekly work 06.07.20

Maths presentation 

Lesson 1 Find the scale factor 

Lesson 1 Measuring and Drawing 2D Shapes

Lesson 1 Similar shape

Lesson 1 Using scale factors

Lesson 2 Roman numerals 1

Lesson 2 Roman Numerals 2

Lesson 3 Solve Problems Involving Months Weeks and Days

Lesson 3 Read-Write-and-Convert-2-Times

Lesson 3 Read-Write-and-Convert-24-Hour-Times

Lesson 4 Arithmetic - Spring

Lesson 4 Reasoning - Spring

Lesson 5 Arithmetic - Summer

Lesson 5 Reasoning - Summer


Lesson 1 presentation 

Lesson 1

lesson 2 presentation 

Lesson 2

Lesson 3 presentation 

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 presentation

Lesson 4

Lesson 5 presentation 

Lesson 5 


We have previously looked at populations as part of a Geography task. This lesson looks at it in more detail and how populations are distributed around the world. 

Reading comprehension 


Science – Chemistry.  Follow the

link below to learn more about

Chemistry. You will study this in

more detail next year at your

secondary school  



In this lesson learn how to talk about your hobbies and your school in French.

Weekly work 22.06.20


Math presentation 

Lesson 1 - Super Sequences.

Lesson 1 -Extra Challenge Hidden_Sequences

Lesson 2 - Following_the_Rules

Lesson 2 - Extra Challenge Follow the Rules

Lesson 3 -Crack_the_Code

Lesson_3 Extra Challenge Crack the Code

Lesson 4 -  Finding Pairs of Unknowns

Lesson 4- Balancing Combinations_Extra_Challenge

Lesson_5_Great depth Enumerate_Possibilities



Instructions lesson 1: reading focus

Instructions lesson 2: reading focus

Instructions lesson 3: identifying features

Instructions lesson 4: sentence openers

Instructions lesson 5: writing instructions


Reading comprehension

Science -  The evidence of human evolution.

Activity Sheet Human Evolution

Science Human Evolution Faces Diagram

Science Human Evolution Faces Diagram 1

Evolution of Human Word Search

French -   Learn the basics of talking about what day, month and time it is in French.

PSHE -  We will be looking at some of the heroes in the NHS who have worked tirelessly to protect us. 

Transition - Read the Secondary Transition Booklet and carry out the activities.

 Weekly work 22.06.20


Maths presentation

Lesson 1 - Reading Pie-Charts

Lesson 1 - Reading-pie charts-Challenge

Lesson 1 - Drawing-pie-charts

Lesson 1-Drawing pie-charts Challenge

Lesson 2- Line Graphs

Lesson 2 -Line-graphs challenge

Lesson 3-Tell me the story

Lesson 4-Mobile madness

Lesson 4-Conversion-graphs

Lesson 4-Conversion-graphs Challenge

English presentation  

Lesson 1 - Add suffixes to word root

Lesson 3 -Find silent letters

Lesson 3 -Silent Letters word groups

Lesson 3-Spell words with silent letters


Reading comprehension – The Queen’s birthday

PSHE- Black lives matter

In this lesson, we visit a key topic of Black Lives Matter given the recent case of George Floyd. The lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone's skin but the content of their character.


Science -  The science of evolution. Watch the 6 short clips about the science of evolution


Learn the basics of how to know what information you can trust online.



In this lesson, we will learn or revise how to introduce ourselves in French and understand when someone else introduces themselves. We will focus on accurate pronunciation and spelling so we can make a great first impression on whoever we meet.

Weekly work 15.06.20

Maths presentation 

Lesson 1 - Calculating and estimating volume

Lesson 1 - Challenge

Lesson 1 - Greater depth

Lesson 2 -Volume Match It Cards

Lesson 2 -Calculate Compare and Order Activity 

Lesson 2 -Extra Challenge Activity

Lesson 2 -Greater depth

Lesson 3- Volume Reasoning Activity

Lesson 4 -Converting Miles and Kilometres Activity

Lesson 4 -European Flight Distances Extra Challenge

Lesson 4_Greater depth-Miles and Kilometres

Lesson 5_ Activity Sheet Conversion Graphs

Lesson 5 - Extra Challenge Activity

English presentation









French - We will go back to the restaurant, but this time, just like last week in the café, we will have a go at the conversation ourselves! We will perfect our pronunciation of some key phrases and vocabulary, and then try writing our own script for a conversation in a restaurant.

Science Explore adaptations in animals and plants.


PSHE - Learn about the transition from primary to secondary school.


P.E - Virtual HERTs School games 

Opening ceremony   

Virtual-Pentathlon guide  

Result sheet 

Weekly work 08.06.20

Math's presentation 


Lesson 3 Scale factor  MILD   SPICY    HOT

Lesson 3 Extension scale factor

Lesson 3  Challenge Using Scale Factors

Lesson 3 Enlargement

Lesson 4 Factor Problems    MILD     HOT 

Lesson 4 Challenge - Scale Factor Written as a Fraction or Decimal

Lesson 4 Challenge Calculating Scale Factors

Lesson 5  Surface area and enlargement  MILD    SPICY    HOT

Lesson 5 Challenge Enlargement and volume


Math's Ration and problem-solving extension 

English presentation


The Tiger Hunter read by Mrs Adams

The Tiger Hunter text

Lesson 1 Tiger Role Play Mask

Lesson 1 Handwriting Practice - Cursive

Lesson 1 Tiger Fact File task

Lesson 1 Word Search

Lesson 2 Tiger Hunters Drama Support

Lesson 2 Tiger Thoughts MILD SPICY  HOT 

Lesson 3 Powerful sentences  MILD  SPICY 

Lesson 4 - The Tiger Page Borders 

Lesson 4  Tiger Recount Sheet

French : Understanding dialogues in a restaurant

In this lesson, we will be reading, listening to and decoding a conversation in a restaurant, deepening our memory of many of the structures we saw in the café last week, whilst also introducing us to new foods and different question forms that we might encounter in real life when we visit a restaurant in France.

Science presentation

What is adaption?

Adaptive traits activity.


PSHE challenge - Personal 



Reading comprehension Text          Questions

Weekly work 01.06.20


Maths presentation 



In this lesson, learn what goes into making a good computer game and try making your own simple game.


French link  

Today, we will go back to the café, but this time we will have a go at the conversation ourselves! We will gradually build up so that we are ready to order, ask for the bill and find out how much we owe. We will also see if we can cope in an authentic French situation, responding to what a real French person might say!

English presentation

Lesson 2 Haiku writing frame

Lesson 2 Haiku planning sheet

Lesson 3 Kennings Planning Sheet Basic

Lesson 3 Kennings Planning Sheet


Reading comprehension 


Science - Investigate Inheritance & Variation

Can you investigate the physical characteristics you have inherited from your parents by closely examining their photographs and your own? Write down what you think you have inherited from that parent.

Weekly work 18.05.20

Maths presentation 

Activities for all lessons.

Jam challenge 

One in many word problems

Ratio and proportion word problems - Mild.

Ratio and proportion problems - Spicy.

Ratio and proportion problems - Hot.

English presentation 

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Reading comprehension - Captain Tom Moore

Reading comprehension - Michael-Morpurgo

French  – Click here for understanding a conversation in a French cafe. 


Visit the Spellotron  - Select Year 6 and then one of the high-frequency word tests within the

Literacy section. Test yourself on some of the Year 6 words and see how many you get correct. You could always re-test yourself to see if you have improved.


R.E - Learn all about how and why Muslims participate in the month of Ramadan and how they celebrate at the end of the month with Eid ul-Fitr.


Art - Learn about how famous Portuguese artist Paula Rego uses her artworks to tell stories, learn some basic artistic techniques and create your own artwork. 

Weekly work  11.05.20

Maths presentation

Lesson 1      Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3     Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Fraction test 1

Fraction test 2


Maths Challenge

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

 English Presentation

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3 - mild  

Lesson 3 - spicy 

Lesson 3 - hot 




French – Go to: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-7/french#subjects Have a go at the first two lessons on arriving in France.


Science -  Go on the spider safari around your home!  https://pstt.org.uk/resources/curriculum-materials/Science-Fun-at-Home

 Guided reading 


       Mrs Adams reading.






Roof top text



Weekly work 04.05.20

Maths presentation 

Lesson 1 

Lesson 2

Lesson 3  Extra            Fortune teller

Lesson 4  Extra

Lesson 5


Challenge presentation

Activity sheet 1          Activity sheet 2

English presentation

Lesson 1 - chapter extract          Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5 - Dialogue planner

Lesson 5 Character profile 1 

Lesson 5 Character profile 2

Lesson 5 Character profile 3

French presentation  

Restaurant Food 

Food matching word search

Food matching words matching

David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast                     

Quiz questions



Guided reading

Mrs Adams reading -  Text 1

Text for activity 1

Text for activity 2

Text for activity 3





Weekly work 27.04.20

Try to Tuesday Challenge

Maths presentation 

Lesson 1 - Perimeter

Lesson 2 - Area of rectangles 

Lesson 2 - Calculate-the-Area

Lesson 2 - Area problems

Lesson 4 - Investigating Perimeter and Area

Lesson 4/5 -  Area and Perimeter Reasoning

Lesson 4/5 -  Challenge Area and perimeter

English presentation  

Lesson 1 - Persuasive writing

Lesson 4 - Discursive writing


French presentation

Word search

Body parts labelling

Body part match

Colour by calculation 1 - Multiplication facts

Colour by calculation 2  - Multiplication and division 

Origami Butterfly Activity 

Guided reading

Mrs Adams Reading text 

Weekly work 20.4.20

Please see below for next weeks home Learning Activities to complete with your child. Click on the picture to open the document. 

English powerpoint

Maths  powerpoint

Fact and Fiction resources

Long division resources


Challenge long division 

Guided reading        


Text for activity 1



Text for activity 2

Text for activity 3



Easter Holiday Challenge  

The aims of these activities are to enable children to take part in the challenges that the whole family can enjoy during the holidays. 

Family Photograph Challenge   or the   Recreate an art masterpiece  

 Week beginning 30.3.20 

Click for Week beginning 23.3.20 home learning. 

Links to additional workbooks to support Year 6 

Maths White rose online activities

SPAG poster                                                  Guided reading                     

Reading booklet                                            Reading answers

Maths booklet                                               Maths answers

Maths greater depth booklet                      GD Maths Answers 

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling booklet  GPS Answers 


Topic work 

Click to keep active  


 Books to read 

Watership Down - Richard Adams

Goggle Eyes - Anne Fine

Northern Lights - Philip Pullman

Holes - Louis Sachar

Skellig  - David Almond

Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo

Boy Overboard - Morris Gleitzman

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

Twelve Minutes to Midnight - Christopher Edge

The London Eye Mystery - Siobhan Dowd

Online resources 

Researchify Children-friendly Curriculum Research Engine

FREE e-books A wealth of FREE e-books for all ages

ICT Games Games to support learning in Literacy and Numeracy

 BBC Bitesize Primary Educational games for Primary children

KenKen Maths Puzzles Fun Maths Puzzles

Maths Mastery Resources FREE resources (with guidance for parents)

 Pobble 365 Writing resources Brilliant lesson starters for writing

 White Rose Maths Homelearning  Fantastic Maths Home-learning Resources (with guidance for parents)

More websites to support learning


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